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 Distressed by data?  

Worried about workflows?  

Concerned about compliance?  

Problems with process?  

Think data consultants are difficult and slow?


Llahven Data Management offers an agile and flexible service designed to give 'Quick Wins' and help you along your path to improved Data Management.

Get in touch for a fast-track assessment of your data issue and we shall see how quickly we can fix and improve your data, getting it back under control!

To see how we may be able to help, send an email to:


Being able to fit between the 4 key groups in your organization, we can work on your projects in close communication with the Management Team, the IT Team, the User Community and also any Vendors that may be involved.

Offering flexibility and a strong work-ethic, we are able to work with you and provide what you need to help with your project.


How we work:

As closely or remotely with you as is needed to deliver the project.

With you, to define the most efficient way to progress the project. 

Talk to the stakeholders to pull together all the information needed. 

Suggest and advise to enable you to make the decisions you are confident with to get the results you require. 

Fit in with your terminology and company culture, to ease any changes that may be needed.



Get in touch to discuss what we can do for you if you are planning a project which involves any of these:

-       Data, Information or Knowledge Management

-       New Software Selection

-       New Software Implementation

-       Work Flow and Process Flow mapping 

-       User Engagement